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    At the English Rugby Union Head Coaches Conference with Carol and Kendal

    Professor Dweck

    A couple of months ago Kendal, Karine and I went to hear Prof Carol Dweck speak in Glasgow in an event organised by Winning Scotland Foundation. Professor Dweck has been a big influence on us at the Junior Tour and many others throughout the world with her groundbreaking work on Mindset. It was great to hear her present her work in person. Here is a link to an article which sums up Mindset very well and makes it obvious why it should be an integral part of any junior development programme.

    Kendal has kept in touch with Carol on a regular basis since the event and was keen to get her back in the UK so that more people could hear her message. The opportunity arose that she would be in London in early December and if we could find a venue the event was on. Help came from Stuart Armstrong, Development Manager for English Rugby, who had worked with Kendal when he was with English Golf. He was organising a two day conference for Head Coaches at Twickenham and he wanted Carol and Kendal to speak at it. So the second day of the conference was not Rugby specific and 60 Golf Coaches were invited to join the 100 Rugby Coaches. An interesting mix which worked very well.

    Carol’s presentation was even better than Glasgow. I think that was due to the audience being much more receptive. There was a Q&A at the end of her presentation when she was joined by development managers from English Rugby and English Youth Football. All three were excellent leading to a very interesting discussion. It is quite clear that these organisations have already embraced Mindset theory and it is embedded in their development programmes. 

    It was Kendal’s turn to present after lunch. His methods are still considered controversial in Scotland but in England where he works very closely with sports scientists, psychologists and biomechanics he is often asked to present by the EGU and PGA. He covered various aspects including, how we learn most effectively, developing skill, using mindset and grit in Talent ID, importance of parents in junior development programmes. His presentation was very well received and he might even be doing some collaboration with a major rugby club.







    Professor Dweck is keen to come back so hopefully we will hold our own event in the near future.