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Welcome to the Scottish Junior Golf Tour

  • Our Mission Statement-
  • “To provide young, committed golfers from across Scotland the opportunity to play competitive, fun golf on a regular basis and encourage them to

    • love the game,
    • love the competition
    • and value their friendships”
  • Membership open for our 9th season starting in September. To-date 32 of our regulars have become Scottish junior internationalists and 4 have represented Great Britain & Ireland and we will continue to build upon this fantastic foundation.

    Register now for our 2015/16 season if you are a dedicated, enthusiastic junior golfer who wants to make friends with other juniors from all over Scotland. And that goes for the parents too!

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     “Creating a Skills Revolution”

    With Professor Gabrielle Wulf & Dr. Rebecca Lewthwaite

     How 20 years of ground-breaking research can help us become

    world leaders in skill development


    Following on from the Mindset Day last year with Professor Carol Dweck and Kendal at Twickenham, we are delighted to announce the second of our performance development seminars.

     This July we have invited Prof Gabriele Wulf and Dr Rebecca Lewthwaite to present the results of their ground breaking research in the areas of attentional focus and autonomy support: Two extremely important factors in skill development.

     Prof Wulf works in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Nevada. Speaking in the UK for the first time in over 15 years, Prof. Wulf , one of the world’s leading experts in the field of skill acquisition, will share the results of two decades of peer reviewed, innovative research. Her studies have covered an extensive range of sports including, basketball, football, golf, tennis etc, and she and her colleagues have shown that by simply directing a player’s attention appropriately you can significantly enhance learning…..skill acquisition/retention…..and performance under pressure.

    Essentially autonomous brain function is much better at controlling complex physical movements than the conscious brain.

     Dr Rebecca Lewthwaite works in the Dept of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California. She is an expert in the area of self-controlled practice. This fascinating research demonstrates that when players are given choice in a task as opposed to specific instruction, skill development is consistently enhanced.

     After the presentations our Coaches, Kendal McWade and Steven Orr, will share their coaching experiences and how they have practically integrated Professor Wulf’s research into their coaching.

     Date and venue to follow……..